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Artistic Director/ Choreographer/ Dancer

Leah De. Goodwill

All About Me

A native New Yorker, raised in the Bronx, Leah was enrolled in piano lessons at Lola Luis Creative and Performing Arts Studio (CAPAS).A short time after, the director of CAPAS recommended she take drama, dance and voice as well. Much of her time was spent at CAPAS(when not in school) perfecting the various arts being taught there. By the age of 10, Leah's love for dance had grown.She performed in the company show, "The Children's Legacy", at off Broadway theaters and studied with CAPAS for approximately 12 years and even earned a role as an extra in the movie "Boomerang". 

Leah is a graduate of Talent Unlimited High School where her major was Dance. During her first year of high school, she was an assistant dance teacher at an after school program. A year later, she began teaching her own classes to children and adults in the Bronx and Manhattan. She continued to grow as a dancer and audiotioned for various dance programs to furthur her technique. Amongst the programs she auditioned for and was accepted in were The Young Dancemakers at the Fieldston School in Riverdale, Ailey Camp, New York State Summer School of the Arts School of Dance held at Adelphi University and the New York State Summer School of the Arts School of Drama at Skidmore College to name a few. Leah was encouraged to compete in a high school program called ACT-SO sponsered by the NAACP. She competed each year and won gold, silver and bronze medals in Dance, Drama, Poetry and Entrepreneurship. She also attended the LaRocque Bey School of Dance, one of the oldest African Dance School's in the US based in Harlem on a full scholarship.In 1999, Leah danced for a show on MTV called "Global Groove" and was picked to be one of the dancers for the 1999 MTV Music Awards.

The community became aware of Leah's talents and invited her to perform at community and private events, churches and street fairs. Leah was an active member of the Williamsbridge NAACP and National Council of Negro Women. 


Leah holds several crowns and talent awards from pageants. She used the opportunities that were given to her to mentor youth within her community. 


Leah has always been a hard worker and community minded person. She is presently a member of the King of Kings Worship Ministries in Paterson, NJ. She is a proud mother and wife. Leah truly believes "The Sky Is The Limit"...


 Modern/Jazz Instructor

     Ms. Denise R. Brown

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