Classes Offered

All classes are incorporated into the curriculum. 


ALL Classes held @

Dawn Treader Christian School Building

(4th Floor)

1 Market St.

Paterson, NJ 07501

Ballet Technique
A classical approach to dance with emphasis on body alignment, strength, flexibility, muscle control and vocabulary. Without this 

knowledge, it is hard to assimilate any other form a dance.


Modern & Jazz

A contemporary approach to dance designed to develop expressive movement. Modern dance teaches us to work the upper body(pelvis, torso and head) off center in a contracted fashion and to find strength and control from other directives. Our classes are accompanied by a variety of popular music.


A type of dance movement that is used for praise and worship. A variety of dance styles are taught since this class is about using the gift of dance for worship . Flags, banners and steamers are occasionally used for this class.This class is offered as a master class for children and a separate class for adults. 


A class designed to broaden the student's horizon in regards to the culture, tradition and folklore of Africa and throughout the Caribbean. It incorporates living, drumming, culture and emphasizes on the movements of African and  folk dances as well as exploring various types of music and dances from the Caribbean.


Move to the latest music, learn new and old school moves, line dances and more. This class challenges the students to keep up with various combinations given and the freedom to move to their own drum beat.


Warm up consist of basic tap exercises which include flaps and shuffles, and train the feet and b ody to do the choreography. Listening to the rhythms is one of the elements we focus on.